Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I don't know about this. The idea sounds alright, though a bit thrown together from Lost and every other shooter game out there. It also seems to be trying to cash in on Bioshocks success. That isn't really a bad thing because Bioshock was awesome, but it has to be done right. I do like the bubble that flashes over him and makes him end up in the past. That was kind of cool. 

Another gripe I have, and this really goes with every movie, tv show or game out there, is that when you are placing the medium into a certain time period or area of the globe, that doesn't mean you need to take native letters and place them instead of English letters. It's like the "replacing-letters-with-numbers" thing used way too frequently (Num3rs, Se7en, Th13teen Ghosts). It's lazy and stupid and if you were someone who knows both languages, like me, it just is confusing and insulting. For instance:
  • "Fight the Past": Has a backwards 'G', why? 
  • "Save the Future": Has the obligatory backwards 'R', which isn't an R sound in Russian as it is in English, especially when used in the word future.
  • "Prevent the Singularity": Ooh, someone has a field day here! Backwards 'R' and 'N'. That 'N' is an 'I' in Russian. And there are matching ones in Singularity.
  • Then the title comes up: Singularity: Backwards 'N' and 'R', the letter used for A is a 'D', and the Y isn't the letter you would use for making that ee sound at the end of the word in English.
Am I nit-picking? Yes, because it's used so much in this trailer as to become hard to read. If you want to make it look all Russian, then throw in a backwards 'R' here and there, and leave it at that.

I'll probably try it out, but I was fooled into renting 'Alone in the Dark' because the trailer made it look so wasn't.

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